Over There!

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From the Financial Planning. Living abroad seems like an inexpensive option for some prospective retirees, and even some younger people who are not tied by a job to a specific location.  But there are a number of issues that need to be considered before buying a ticket and pulling up…

“The Sandwich Generation”

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The Simple Dollar had a great post this week by Trent Hamm entitled “The Sandwich Generation and You.” “The Sandwich Generation” consists of those people who are supporting both their children (either minors or adults) and their parents. Stuck between both financial and emotional support of both children and parents,…

My Bucket List.

Who has this on their bucket list?

A bucket list – a fun way to inspire ourselves

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Have you made your bucket list?  A bucket list is originally a list of 101 things you want to do or experience before you die. I have altered the meaning of a bucket list slightly. To me it’s a list of 101 things I want to do, experience and have.…

Prepaid Funeral Plans

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With the high cost of funerals these days, many Australians are taking advantage of opportunities to prepare their finances in advance. A prepaid funeral plan allows you to fix the price of your funeral at today’s prices. A contract is established with your preferred funeral director, setting out your…

Ways to enjoy your retirement:

This is a great article that will give you four ways to enjoy your retirement. Please read it when you have time: What more two-sided word exists in the English language than retirement? At once, it seems like the beautiful end to a long and fulfilling work career, and at the same time, sounds so … Continue reading

Retirement is not an event in your life. Retirement is a lifestyle you lead after you have stopped working for your employer. This time of your life is important to plan for  and prepare your financial life for this transition. One thing to make sure you are planning for is funeral costs. Planning ahead on … Continue reading