Five reasons to keep working in retirement

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The idea of retiring at 65 is withering along with laws and regulations that used to force workers out of their jobs at that supposedly magic age when the pastures of idleness beckoned. The new reality is that Canadians are becoming less confident that they will have enough money in RRSPs and other assets to cover living expenses. The decline is remarkable. In 2008, according to the 2013 Sun Life Unretirement Index, 46% said they were confident of having enough money. In 2012, the number declined to 29%.

[np_storybar title=”Family Finance: No part-time work for this couple’s retirement, thank you” link=””]
FP0921_FamilyFinance_C_ABFar from the bustle of Bay Street, a couple we’ll call Hubert, who is nearly 62, and Fiona, who is 57, want to shut the doors on their health care products company and retire. In their small Ontario town they live well on $8,400 take-home monthly income. They have…

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