Breaking Up With Work is Hard to Do.

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You would think after all our years of working, that it would be easy to finally leave work for good. We’ve dreamt about it and I’m sure we’ve all uttered at least once the words “I can’t wait to retire”. However the reality of it is quite different. For many of us, transitioning from full-time work to retirement can be extremely stressful. We tend to become disillusioned or disenchanted 13-18 months after retirement. This is when it typically sets in that we are not just on vacation but this is the rest of our lives. At this time we have truly separated from work and any lingering ties have finally dissolved.

For many the strongest ties are the friendships we’ve made at work, but the truth is unless you’ve have some outside interests in common, you will tend to lose these friends overtime, as they continue working and you are…

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