The great Jason Kidd unlaces his Nike’s

The Front Office

jason-kiddFirst Grant Hill hangs up his Fila’s, now Jason Kidd hangs up the Nike’s. It seems like my childhood is ending right before my eyes. Dog I’m getting old but that’s besides the point.

Kidd played for 19 seasons after being drafted in 1994, yeah think about it man that’s a long time. Kidd played for the Mavs 2xs, Suns, New Jersey Nets and Knicks. He also was co rookie of the year with Grant Hill, an All Star 10xs, All NBA Defensive 9xs (1st or 2nd), All NBA 6xs (1st or 2nd team) and an owner of one NBA Title.

Kidd was never a lethal scorer but he made due. He was a master creator for his teammates on the floor, he will be remembered most for his great passing ability, one of the greatest point guards to ever play. For his lack of scoring he made up for…

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