Think you dont need a Will, read this and see

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I don’t know of many people who like to think about death but it is something we can’t escape. There used to be an old saying about death and taxes, you can get around some taxes but not death. It can strike the very young as…

Do Not Let Retirement Stress Out Your Marriage

thisisyourbestyear I did not write this, but it is a very good article by Rodney Brooks. When you think about retirement think about this information. It might just save your marriage.   Remember “thisisyourbestyear”. View original post

Shaky retirement outlook for baby boomers unable to rely on bond income

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A financially uncertain retirement looms ahead for many baby boomers, even for the few who have managed to put away at least $1 million in savings. A MILLION dollars isn’t what it used to be. That’s the message of a New York Times piece detailing how millionaires may not be…

Florida At The Top Of List For Retirees

The new retirement plan: Keep working – The Globe and Mail

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Later retirement is a trend with legs. Low interest rates have squeezed returns from savings down to near zero, while encouraging people to amass debts they, in many cases, won’t have paid off by age 65. Weak returns from the Canadian stock market are another drag on retirement finances.…

Workers May Outlive Retirement Savings – Business Insider

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“We found that many senior citizens are significantly underfunded and risk running out of money, especially since people are living longer than they used to and may need to support a two- or three-decade retirement,” said Mike Sante, managing editor of via Workers May Outlive Retirement Savings –…

10 Ways To Pay For Retirement

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  Throughout much of our lifetime, we receive income from a single source: our job. That changes when we retire. Most retirees receive income from a variety of places, including Social Security,retirement account withdrawals and increasingly a part-time job, according to a recent Gallup survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults, including…

The great Jason Kidd unlaces his Nike’s

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First Grant Hill hangs up his Fila’s, now Jason Kidd hangs up the Nike’s. It seems like my childhood is ending right before my eyes. Dog I’m getting old but that’s besides the point. Kidd played for 19 seasons after being drafted in 1994, yeah think about it man that’s…

How to throw a retirement party for 65 people at home for well under $500

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   Why do so many people cater their parties? They end up with soggy food that should be hot but is tepid and is certainly overcooked and overpriced. It just isn’t that hard to have a great party at home for a reasonable sum and not too much work, either before,…