Pre-Need Service

Pre-Need Service

~Sales People - Woman We are available to answer your questions today:

  • Provide pricing information of funeral homes in town.
  • Peace Through Planning kit to guide end of life preparation.
  • Service Guide record of your vital statistics, service wishes, and more.
  • Other preparation literature, grief literature, remembrance poetry, and more.  

Sales People - Man~ Pre-Planning a loved one’s or your own services is a key life preparation.  Vital statistics record one’s background, community service, military service, and other contributions made.  Further, it is appropriate to make sure one’s life deliberately lived is deliberately honored by recording any service wishes.  Pre-Planning provides the gifts to loved ones of reduced emotional stress, ability to spend more time together, etc. on a most difficult day.

~ Pre-Funding one’s service choices is encouraged as it allows you to lock in service costs at today’s prices and avoid service cost increases into the future.  This also provides loved one’s the gift of reduced financial stress at a time they may not be prepared for such expenses and at a difficult emotional time.  Even if financial assets exist, often they are not accessible quickly, and loved ones are still immediately obligated for expenses until other funds are available.  Pre-funding one’s services avoids this by having funds immediately available and allowing family to focus on honoring life and memories and not worrying about expenses. 


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