Are Jobs Less Demanding? Can Seniors Work Longer?


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In her blog “Yes, boomers: Jobs are less demanding”, Alicia Munnell concludes that jobs are indeed less demanding and that boomers should be able to work longer into their retirement years. (See her blog at

People are living longer and are facing increasing health care costs. However their retirement incomes are not keeping pace as Social Security benefits are not keeping up, pension plans are moving from a defined benefit to a defined contribution plans, the financial markets have retirement savings plans on a roller-coaster, and people are not saving enough on their own.

Alicia Munnell concludes that seniors have no choice but to continue working longer than they had planned. The question is: are they physically able to continue working? In general, there has been a movement from industry and manufacturing jobs to jobs based more on service. In theory, less physically demanding jobs would allow the workers…

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