What’s more important, saving for retirement or the children’s college?

QUINNSCOMMENTARY 🤔🤔 Challenging rhetoric, assumptions and consequences


Should I save for retirement or for my children’s college?

While I am not a CFP or anything of the type, I spent many years working with thousands of employees helping them manage their retirement and other benefits; in other words managing life events.

To me the answer to the question is simple . . . you save for retirement first.

There are many options for college, grants, loans and scholarships, working, a state school, etc. Even if your child is accepted at Harvard the chances are most of the cost will be covered by the college. While many people, me included, are attracted to the best private colleges and want the best for their children, the best does not necessarily mean we have to risk our future financial security to provide an adequate education for our children.

Unless you are one of the very few Americans with a…

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