What Is Funeral Prearrangement Planning?

When speaking about funeral pre-arrangement planning, often the discussion rapidly moves towards a discussion about pre-funding. Pre-funding is one of the two important aspects of burial and cremation planning. Burial and cremation planning therefore includes both pre-planning (time, place, type of service, clothing, speakers, etc.) and pre-funding (professional services, casketing, final disposition, etc.).

Let’s talk a little about pre-planning. Surveys and experience show that even the smallest funeral preparations made in advance have dramatic benefit, such as:
~ Peace that a person knows they will be cared for when they cannot speak for themselves.
~ Peace to loved ones that they know the will of their deceased loved one will be accomplished as they wish.
~ Peace that the many decisions are made and that life can be lived.
~ Peace knowing that unity among loved ones will be better ensured because decisions have been made and differences of opinion among loved ones can be minimized.
~ Peace Knowing there is less time spend by loved ones in management, logistics, travel, etc. coordination and more time for loved ones to heal, remember, solidify memories, and make sure that fond memories are not tarnished by the day.
~ Peace that emotional stress will be minimized.
~ Peace knowing that financial burdens have been eliminated or minimized.
~ Peace from so many more benefits.

Let’s remember that advanced funeral planning is much more than pre-paying for a funeral. A pre-paid funeral without pre-planning among personal choice, emotional, relationship, goodwill, etc. related subjects is a lost opportunity and disservice to loved ones. There may be no more important end-of-life action than a thoughtful funeral pre-arrangement


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