Ways to enjoy your retirement:

This is a great article that will give you four ways to enjoy your retirement. Please read it when you have time:

What more two-sided word exists in the English language than retirement? At once, it seems like the beautiful end to a long and fulfilling work career, and at the same time, sounds so much like the early onset of death that many people avoid it entirely. The promise of having little to do all day but enjoy the golden years is an almost foreign concept in our society. Retirement doesn’t have to mean spending evenings greeting customers at Wal-Mart, however. If you’ve planned ahead and saved a little money aside for retirement, you may just find the fulfillment and excitement in your life you thought was long gone. Each of these items is time-tested, and seldom require much money. Each can be done inexpensively or as lavishly as you wish. From here on, 65 isn’t an end, but just the beginning.

Travel. The United States is a very big country, and the wonders of it you’ve seen on television don’t compare to seeing things like the Washington monument in person. If you aren’t too addicted to luxury, your retirement might include a small motorhome which sleeps two people very comfortably, and can be had new for as little as $45,000, or secondhand but in very good condition for as little as $19,000. They aren’t difficult to drive or operate, and smaller motorhomes with diesel engines are not expensive to operate. This provides you with all the comforts of home with the ability to travel and see the country you grew up in, experiencing it firsthand. If you do decide that RV travel is right for you, I suggest your first stop be to http://www.traderonline.com, where you can use the nationwide listings to get an idea for what price range you would like to be in for a motorhome, as well as what type of travel you and your spouse will be most comfortable with.

Volunteer. Volunteering with a charitable organization such as a church or other community-centered foundation can lead to some friendships you may have never thought you would have. Hospitals, state and national parks, churches, and even prisons are always looking for people to volunteer who’s lives were filled with the kind of wealth of experiences which others can learn from. They can also give you some of the very best stories to tell, and the satisfaction of knowing that you helped to make someone’s life better through education, healing, or simply listening. You might be surprised by how much difference you can make by just listening to someone.

Write. Retirement never means an end to work. Some people continue to work non traditionally long after they’ve chosen to retire. What not everyone chooses to do, however, is to write. If you have it in you that creative spark to pen the novel you’ve always wanted to write, than great. You might just be surprised, however, just how meaningful it might be to your children, grandchildren, or society in general if you wrote down your favorite memories from when you were a child. Many people have a story to tell, but no one thinks that anyone is interested in it. Many times have I wanted to know what my grandfather was like as a child, but I’ll never know now. That story would have meant a lot to me.

Start a business. If your ideal job has always been to work in a coin shop, than now’s the time to make that dream come true. As I’ve said, retirement doesn’t mean an end. There are many entrepreneurs who have begun successful businesses after their so-called “prime,” and they’re happier and more successful now than they ever were before. Just make sure that you’re doing something you love, because beginning a business in a field you hate is as surely a mistake as passing up a dream job because your current job pays the bills.

When all is said and done, you’re going to want to know that your retirement stood for something other than reruns of Judge Judy. At sixty-five, if you’ve played your cards right, you really can make a difference in the world!

 Retrieved from http://voices.yahoo.com/the-four-best-ways-enjoy-retirement-1330319.html  on September 15, 2012.
2 Responses to “Ways to enjoy your retirement:”
  1. wetandem2 says:

    1,000,000 thanks for this great article!
    I am blessed to say I have done ALL the 4 items you recommend (& while working a fulltime job no less!)
    I continue to practice them everyday…
    Living creatively,

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