Life is Short, Make Memories

Good advice Debbie!


My husband attended his cousins funeral this afternoon. Tonight he reflected on memories when he was very young of his family. He Laughed and cried. I felt his sorrow and joy as I listened. Most of all I felt the need to make more memories. They live longer than the lives that create them and carry those left behind through the tough times.  

Family and friends: I will enjoy you now and hopefully if I go before you, you will remember that I snort when I laugh, cry when I preach, Giggle at EVERYTHING when I am tired, make a squeak after my sneeze, need my sister to bait my hook… especially if it’s a juicy one, hate feeling rushed, was there when you needed me, encouraged you, made you feel significant, cared enough to listen when you needed to be heard, and loved you deeply enough that you felt it…

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