Hiker Dude has put a great blog together about the importance of planning. Make sure you plan your life out properly.

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I find that I seem to do more planning in the spring and summer.  How about you?  There are those vacations, mission trips, and family outings which require planning.  You have got to carve out time for these things in your calendar, or they just don’t happen.  As a part of the planning you need to make that “to-do list” of things you need to get done before you go.  And when you get back, there is another list, prioritizing the things which command your attention upon your return.  I have often said that you work twice as hard to be able to leave the office and then three times as hard when you return.  Yet, we keep taking vacations, mission trips, and family outings.  Why?  It is because we need them.

I’ve noticed that I seem to be much more productive and efficient at work when I work from…

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