Comparing Funeral Insurance Rates

Here is a great blog post we want to share with our followers: Funeral insurance is one of the many types of insurance that you can purchase to make sure that your death will bring more hardships than necessary to those you left behind. Death is inevitable, so getting this type of insurance is … Continue reading

Retirement is not an event in your life. Retirement is a lifestyle you lead after you have stopped working for your employer. This time of your life is important to plan for  and prepare your financial life for this transition. One thing to make sure you are planning for is funeral costs. Planning ahead on … Continue reading

The High Cost of Dying Funeral Costs

Here is another guest blog post from: Jamie Myless. Thanks for such great information. Follow her here for more great info: Jamie Myles Death and dying. It doesn’t end there. Once someone has died, then the funeral must be set up. There will be an avalanche of decisions that will have to be made by … Continue reading

How to pre-arrange funeral services

Here is a great article about pre need funeral planning from One of the most stressful times of someone’s life is when a loved one dies. One of the things that can make it even worse is when that person is now required to make very important decisions that they were not prepared to … Continue reading